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Music Submission

Dancearchy: Ultimate Dance Challenge prefers that music be submitted via the Studio Online Registration System. However, we realize many studios still prefer to submit USBs, thus we accept them.


***ALL studios should have a back-up copy of their music available at the competition***

Studios will receive their schedule and entry numbers 7 days prior to the competition. Once entry numbers are received, the studio must upload their music no later than 5 days prior to event date. The only file type accepted on the online system is .mp
3 or .mp4. 

Please follow the music file naming guidelines when naming your files and uploading them to our site. (see naming guidelines below)


For studios who are unable to upload their music, the studio should bring all music on a USB drive. All files should be either .mp3 or .m4a. Music should be turned in at time of competition check-in. The USB should have a clearly marked tag with the studio name. Please follow the naming guidelines for the file names of the songs on the USB. Please make sure you have a back-up USB in case the one you submit is corrupt.

Not accepted:

iPhones/Andriods – you may keep an iPhone or Android for backup in the rare event your song file is corrupted .

Music file naming guidelines

studio name_song name.file type

Example: 102_C_boogieshoes.mp3

Accepted file types: .mp3 or .mp4

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