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Dancearchy: Ultimate Dance Challenge uses an adjudicated scoring system where each routine is scored on a scale appropriate for that competitive level and allows all routines to be eligible for high point awards and special awards. Each age division will have overall awards for their competitive level.

Scores are tabulated by:

Technique – 35%
Performance – 35%
Choreography – 20%
Overall Appearance – 10%


Points can be deducted for coaching or for inappropriate routines (choreography or costume unbecoming of a young dancer). See General Rules for more information.


Each entry will be adjudicated and will be judged and critiqued as appropriate for their competitive level (Premiere, Elite, and Extreme Elite) and scoring system.


Premiere: Platinum Star: 280 - 300 * Platinum: 265-279 * Gold: 250-264 * Silver: 235 - 249

Elite: Platinum Star: 282 - 300 * Platinum: 267-281 * Gold: 252-266 * Silver: 237 - 251

Extreme Elite: Platinum Star: 285 - 300 * Platinum: 270-284 * Gold: 255-269 * Silver: 240 - 254

Score sheets and audio/video critiques will be available for studio directors to download no later than 48 hours following the last award ceremony. Studio directors will receive an email with that information.


For routines to be considered for the overall awards, they should dance in their appropriate age division and competitive level. Routines that need to perform at other times will be judged for adjudication only. Please call the Dancearchy office with further questions.

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