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General Rules


Family Friendly Atmosphere

We desire for dancers and families to enjoy their time while attending our dance competition. We understand that the dance world exposes our dancers to numerous dance styles and choreography; however, we at Dancearchy desire to celebrate our dancers and their talents with age appropriate choreography and routines that can be viewed in good taste for our family-friendly atmosphere.

Inappropriate routines our judges feel do not meet our ethical standards for our dancers can be penalized with a deduction of 5 points on the judge’s score sheet. This decision is based on the feelings of the judges. The feedback and opinions of our independent judges do not necessarily reflect those of Dancearchy directors and staff.



Safety is a priority for us at Dancearchy National Dance Competition.

  • All props must be safe for use on a Marley floor.

  • All props must not be any taller than 10 feet.

  • A dancer may not stand above 6 feet for any routine.

  • Props must be carried on and off the stage by the performer or studio staff. Placement of props or the removal of props must be completed within 2 minutes of the preceding act.

  • Each studio is responsible for securing props. Dancearchy is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged props.

  • Props may not be dangerous is nature. No fire, explosions, items with sharp points or sharp edges may be used.

  • No live animals.

  • No baby powder or rosin can be used on stage.

***Please contact the Dancearchy office with further questions about props or set up time***


Competition Schedule

The dance competition schedule will be sent to each studio at least 7 days prior to the competition. Schedules will be determined based on the number of acts for each age division, category, and competitive level; therefore, schedules may vary from competition to competition. Entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. We will provide venue and hotel information on our website for each city.



The use of personal cameras and video cameras is strictly prohibited during the dance competition. Dancearchy Video Productions will provide videography from whom you can purchase videos of the routines. Any person who videos or takes photos during a routine will put that studio at risk of a penalty or possible disqualification. This rule is for the protection of all dancers.


We welcome photos and videos during awards ceremonies. Taking photos and videos during that time is acceptable and encouraged.


Photogenic Competition

Dancers choosing to compete in our Photogenic competition must submit no more than 3 photos. Entries can be submitted and payment completed online during studio registration or before solo competition begins at the registration table. Dancers will bring their photo(s) to the competition or email photos to This fee is non-refundable in the event the dancer does not provide the photo(s) to the competition. All winning photos will be kept by Dancearchy.

Photos can be 8X10 or 5X7 printed in black and white or in color.

Tour competition fee: $25 per photo
Main Event competition fee: $35 per photo


Awards for the Photogenic competition will be presented at the awards ceremony for solos for that age division and competitive level.


Title Competition

Dancers choosing to compete in our Title competition may pre-register and pay online during studio registration (encouraged) or dancers may register their solo upon arrival at the dance competition. Parents or studio directors may enter the solo by credit card payment at the merchandise table. It is important to note that solo Title entries may NOT be entered once the competition has begun for that age division and competitive level.


A dancer can enter for the Title competition in more than one solo.

Tour dance competition fee: $25 per solo
Main Event dance competition fee: $35 per solo


Awards for the Title competition will be presented at the awards ceremony for solos for that age division and competitive level.



Photos and Video Release

Dancearchy: Ultimate Dance Challenge Dance Competition reserves the right to use photos and videos taken at the competition events for promotion and communication via Web sites and Social Media. By participating in a Dancearchy event, participants release their likeness, name and performance for video and photographic reproduction.

Disclaimers, Releases and Agreements

  • Each studio agrees upon registering that neither Dancearchy nor any Dancearchy staff will be held liable for injuries, illnesses or loss of property by any parent, dancer, teacher or spectator while participating in any Dancearchy sponsored event.

  • Dancearchy is not responsible for lost or forgotten music, costumes, awards, programs, or merchandise.

  • At no time will a parent, teacher, dancer, or other participant question a judge. If a studio has a question or concern, the studio director should communicate directly to Dancearchy staff, but never with a judge.

  • Dancearchy reserves the right to move a competition date, venue or expand the number of days should the number of events require such a change.

  • Dancearchy reserves the right to deduct points, penalize or disqualify a routine or studio for not adhering to rules set forth in our General Rules section.

  • The Dancearchy staff reserves the right to modify, add to, or delete any rules at any time deemed necessary.


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